Thursday, 9 September 2010

Valentino: Retrospective

Went to Valentino's Retrospective fashion exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art today. Such gorgeous haute couture.. breathtaking! And crazy to imagine every single detail was sewn by hand - down to the last little sequin.

It was also interesting to see up close the dresses that, for example, Jackie Kennedy wore to her second wedding, the classic one that Julia Roberts wore to the Oscars when she won Best Actress, the one Cate Blanchett wore when she won Best Supporting Actress, the stunning red one Brooke Shields wore in a famous Vogue photoshoot that defined 80's style, and on, and on..

Valentino made a point of including one red dress in every collection he made, as he believed that every woman ought to own at least one red dress. And the exhibition even included with the first red dress he made, from his first ever collection.

Click here for more info from the gallery!

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