Friday, 17 September 2010

End of year travel-plans

It's starting to become time to begin planning what we're going to do our last few weeks in Australia after term ends. If there is one great tip that I got from Frida (the girl who went to Australia in the year above me) it's that - if you can - don't choose subjects with end-of-term exams. As a design-student, most of the courses we do have continual assessment over projects that we work on throughout the term. This is great, because it means that while the rest of Uni is sweating over exams - you're home free to start travelling! ;)

The only problem for me is that Sara, who is studying at University of Queensland, has exams.. And she only gets to know what dates they are in October, which is quite frustrating as we don't know if we'll be able to travel together at the end of the year or not.. And it would SUCK to travel without her, seeing as we've already travelled to the other side of the world together!

But either way, there is somewhat of a plan.. If Sara does have exams and can't travel before I leave, then I'll probably go to Cairns and Magnetic Island on the Great Barrier Reef with a lovely gal from Chile called Lola. But if Sara doesn't have exams when I'm free, then we go to FIJI! :D

So here's to hoping.. ;)


  1. Hahaha, det hade jag glömt att jag sagt! :-)

  2. Men inte jag, tack o lov ;)
    Sjukt bra tips ju!