Monday, 24 May 2010

Confirmation of Enrolment

The eCOE came about 24 hours after I sent the Acceptance of Offer form. Fantastic. The courses I will be reading are:
  1. KIB338: Print Media
  2. KVB104: Photomedia And Artistic Practice
  3. KIB104: Digital Media
  4. KIB101: Visual Communication
I have also been accepted to KKB102: Creative Industries: Making Connections, so I have a back-up course in case I want it, but it seems to be more of a theoretic course rather than a hands-on practical course.. So I think I'll skip it.

On the down-side, when I applied for my visa I was asked if I had lived in any other countries during the last 5 years - which I have, I lived in Swaziland until 3 years ago. So I was told that I was required to undergo a chest x-ray as well as a medical examination as part of my application. GAH!

The x-ray cost 500 kr, the examination cost 1500 kr, the blood-test cost 200 kr, and shipping the whole package to Berlin cost 150 kr. And then the visa itself cost a whopping 3600 kr..
So now I'm broke.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Letter of acceptance!

Dear Anna,
Congratulations! You have been successful in your application for admission to QUT. Please find attached your official letter of offer and Acceptance of Offer form.

Awesome! Have filled in the Acceptance of Offer form.. now anxiously waiting for the Confirmation of Enrolment :)

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Google Maps

Google Maps is golden. Have already taken a street-view tour of Brisbane, my university campus and have even checked out the house of the guy who will be hosting us the first few days when we arrive! Seeing everything in an interactive map is way fun.. :)