Thursday, 16 September 2010

Finding a job

Some people have asked me if I had trouble finding a job, but to be honest, getting a job here was quite easy. About a month ago I printed out 20 copies of my CV and walked around cafés and restaurants in the West End and asked if they needed any personnel. If they did, I asked for the manager, shook their hand and left a copy of my CV. On one afternoon I dropped off about 10 CV's - that same evening I had my first job trial at Wild Pepper. I did another trial the next night at Archive. As I'm only going to be in Brisbane for a few months, it obviously becomes a lot harder to get a job since employers want someone who'll stick around, but you can still get a casual position doing odd days.

I now work at Wild Pepper every now and then, which is super convenient as it is right across the road. Literally about 30m from my front door! Archive had some real fun people, but it wasn't the kind of job I was looking for.. But two days ago I started another casual job at a catering company called Zen Catering, which seems real nice. (Pssst! Future exchange students! Big tip: Contact them & send them your CV!)

Hopefully I'll be getting some more coin now to finance more escapades down under.. :)

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