Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Sara and I went to the police station today and left our witness statements about the incident. That's probably the last step that I will be needed for, and it feels kind of good to have it all over with. Now it's in the hands of the police, the woman and her lawyer. There will be a court case on the 10th of August and I don't need to be present for it if I don't want to - but of course I want to be there!

A lot of you have been asking about the university.. Besides getting lost on campus every so often, things are going pretty well :) They seem to have a relatively high tempo - not in each separate course per se, but if you consider the fact that we're doing 4 courses at once, I have a feeling it's gonna get kinda hectic! I'm also beginning to understand how things work here, and even feel confident on the crazy buses now. I can take myself to school in half an hour! (Note: very proud of myself.)

Another thing of note: everyone is incredibly friendly here in Australia.. Like, really friendly. Like, ok-I-was-just-asking-you-to-point-me-in-the-direction-of-the-bathrooms-you-don't-have-to-describe-the-entire-journey-into-the-last-detail-so-please-let-me-go-pee-now-thank-you kind of friendly! Or maybe I've just become way too accustomed to the cold, uninterested Swedes that kind of jump away when you try to ask them anything on the roadside, that I've forgotten what normal people are like haha..

I haven't really gotten the chance to get my camera out at all yet, but will try and get some nice pictures of the city, the school and our house for you all soooon.. :)

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