Friday, 2 July 2010

The police drama continues

Today as we were driving home, we saw a car that had been stopped by two police in grey uniforms (security-police) in the same spot that we'd been stopped yesterday. "Pull over! Pull over!" I yelled to Dad, and we both trotted over to the stopped car. Dad said "Good afternoon, are you having a problem with the police?" And he replied that yes, they had taken his driver's license and told him that he had to pay a fine for making an illegal turn. So we told him - and the policeman next to him that was trying to get us to leave - that that was the exact same thing that had happened to us yesterday. We explained, very politely, to the policeman that his colleagues that had done this yesterday were now on their way to a court-case and that their boss had stated very clearly that security-police were 1) not to leave their posts outside the bank, and 2) not supposed to take fines. The man in the car who had had his face buried in his hands when we arrived, now had a smile from ear to ear. We said good day and left. Not even ten seconds later, the policeman gave him back his driver's license and the man drove off.

I was well chuffed! I'm going to be doing this every time I see any security-police harassing drivers! (And we'll probably have our tires slashed eventually if we keep this up haha..)


  1. probably. it makes me miss the swazi-beef police stops.
    Swazi Foot&Mouth Policeman: How many cows for her?
    Dad: 100... just for a look

  2. Haha I had totally missed this comment.. I remember Mom at the border between Swaziland and Mozambique:
    Border Officer: That one! She must come to my kraal, be my third wife!
    Mom: Ncesi mkhulu, you don't have enough cows.