Wednesday, 14 July 2010


I'm starting to realise just how big QUT is compared to Malmö University. New students don't have a standard orientation day like we do back home - we have an Orientation Planner on the QUT Virtual website where we have to pick out events and plan the entire week ourselves. Slightly confusing at first, but it all seems to be working out alright!

I'm at the Kelvin Grove campus, which has got a lovely kind of little village within it with cafés and shops and things.. I will probably be spending many afternoons reading here on some corner café, enjoying the bustle around me :) Still trying to figure out where everything is and how the buses work.. Buses are incredibly confusing, and once you're on them you simply have to know where you're getting off, because there are no signs and no warning! But I'm learning and figuring it out.. it's good to get lost in a new city because that's how you really get to know it ;)

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