Sunday, 18 July 2010

Random violence..!

This was the most bizarre afternoon of my life. I got my nose smashed in by a random crackhead on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Am still in a state of shock..

Sara and I had been at a café in the West End, and at about 4-5 pm when the sun started to go down we decided to start making our way back home. As we were crossing the street we hear a bottle smash and a woman screaming and swearing, and as we look over she sees us, locks eyes with me and screams "What the f* are you looking at?!" My instinct tells me to just look away and keep walking, but before I even realise what's happening, she's right in front of me and smashes a bottle into my face. Shocked beyond words, I grab my face, see blood, and crunch my nose back into place. Sara realises that the woman is clearly high on something and isn't done with me yet. We start to run and she actually chases us for a bit..! Thanks to being reminded several times during orientation what the Australian emergency number is, I dial 000 immediately and they send a police and an ambulance. A guy on a bike behind us (the wonderful Stanley, thank you so much!) saw everything, stayed with us until the cops arrived and agreed to testify.

When the paramedics came, they fixed up the worst of the bleeding and got the basics out of the way. The cops arrived and asked us for a quick statement, but told us to go to the hospital first, and come to the station tomorrow instead. I had my first ambulance ride (woop woop?) and the paramedics were really lovely. Everyone was asking so many questions about what happened, and what she looked like, etc etc, but I was in such a state of shock - I could hardly grasp what had just happened! I had just gotten my nose smashed in completely out of the blue while strolling down the road on a Sunday afternoon - by a completely random stranger! See kids - drugs are bad, m'kay!

The cops found the bottle and are seeing if they can get any fingerprints or CCTV images from the bottle-shop so as to identify the woman. And if they find her, I'll be pressing charges of course - for the second time in a month. Ridiculous.

We sat in the emergency room for about 5 hours (and I was on the fast-track list of patients..!) and I finally got cleaned up and sent home. No stitches thank God. But I've been told that if I'm really lucky I might have two gorgeous black-eyes tomorrow. (One of them seems to be coming on beautifully already.) First day of school here. Fantastic. I'll be the foreign student with the sunglasses on indoors, a nose the size of Jupiter and two black-eyes. Way to make a first impression. Hey, at least nobody will forget who I am..

But I am thankful nonetheless, because it could have been so much worse. The bottle could have been broken, she could have slashed my eye, she could have thrown the bottle at my head from behind, she could have done all sorts of things. It could have been SO much worse! Despite the circumstances, I am thankful! Going to try get a good night's sleep now, hope I don't bleed on the pillow haha.. The nose still aches quite a bit, but to be honest - the tetanus shot hurts more than my nose does right now. Gah..


  1. shit! helt sjukt.. hoppas du mår ok nu dagen efter. krya på dig anna..

  2. Jävla mongokärring! Hoppas hon får brinna i helvetet! Massa kramar /Martin G

  3. herregud anna, så sjukt att sånt händer helt oprovocerat :S otäckt. Tur du har Sara så hon kan pyssla om dig lite, saknar dig jättemycket! hoppas du läker ihop snabbt som ögat! <3