Thursday, 18 March 2010

Useful websites

Some good websites to keep an eye on..
  • Kammarkollegiet: Free government insurance for exchange students.
  • Student visa: The student visa costs 540 AUD, which is equivalent to about 3,600 SEK. Which brings us to the next link..
  • Exchange rates: 1 AUD = 6.7 SEK at the time of writing.
  • Vaccinations: Am a little concerned since I will be travelling via South Africa, Swaziland & Mozambique for a few weeks before going to Aus.. might be a good idea to check WHO's website later on to see if I need to get any shots before I go. It would kind of suck to get stuck at Brisbane Airport all alone in the middle of the night..!
  • The Swedish Embassy: Always good to let them know you're in the country. Also, the Swedish elections will be held while I'm down under, so I'll have to go there to vote..
  • STARS: A good site to see what other students have experienced during their trips to different parts of the world. If you click on "Narratives" you can browse for tips and other info about your chosen city..

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