Tuesday, 3 August 2010

First assignments

The work is starting to build up and the first assignments will soon be due. For Print Media we have to start choosing our term-project and get in touch with the particular clients. (Scary for someone who has only been in the country 3 weeks!) For the Photo Media class we have to do a photoshoot in 1885-1910 pictorialist style. For Digital Media we have to film a short 2-3min movie that includes a running sequence. The most daunting thing right now, however, isn't trying my hand at new medias or new techniques - it's the fact that I don't know that many people very well yet and am realising I will probably have to approach random strangers and ask if I can film them haha.. (Wierdo!) I need models and actors, dammit! Anyone willing?


  1. Just det, kom på att det HÄR stället var en räddare i nöden för mig fler än en gång! Printställe mitt i stan som är öppet dygnet runt!

    Kan vara bra att känna till det. :-)