Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Life in perspective

As I woke up this morning I was struck by an incredible thankfulness. Wow - I live a blessed life. I have never needed anything that I couldn't get. Of course there have been things I may have wanted, shallow things I may have desired, but there has never been a point in my life when I needed to be fed. When I needed to be clothed. When I needed anything.

When I look out over Maputo I see people who have to fight for all those things I have always taken for granted. Shoes? I've got hundreds. School? I'm sick of it. Food? Nah, not hungry. Computer? Yeah, I want a Mac - the one that costs 2000€. Holiday? I want to go to the World Cup before I go to Australia. And when I go down to the market here in Maputo I still have the nerve to barter with the ladies over whether I should pay 30c or 40c for her tomatoes, because that's just how it's done here. What difference does 10c make me? Whereas for her, getting 10c more for every tomato she sells today will mean that she's able to afford rent at the month. Our lack of perspective sometimes is frightening.

So my thought for today is thankfulness. Nothing I ever did gave me more of a right to have received the more fortunate life. Still, I wake up every morning to a beautiful home, loving parents who would take down the stars for me, Swedish citizenship that gives me free education and money every month, and a life that has never left anything to be desired.

I am thankful.

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