Monday, 24 May 2010

Confirmation of Enrolment

The eCOE came about 24 hours after I sent the Acceptance of Offer form. Fantastic. The courses I will be reading are:
  1. KIB338: Print Media
  2. KVB104: Photomedia And Artistic Practice
  3. KIB104: Digital Media
  4. KIB101: Visual Communication
I have also been accepted to KKB102: Creative Industries: Making Connections, so I have a back-up course in case I want it, but it seems to be more of a theoretic course rather than a hands-on practical course.. So I think I'll skip it.

On the down-side, when I applied for my visa I was asked if I had lived in any other countries during the last 5 years - which I have, I lived in Swaziland until 3 years ago. So I was told that I was required to undergo a chest x-ray as well as a medical examination as part of my application. GAH!

The x-ray cost 500 kr, the examination cost 1500 kr, the blood-test cost 200 kr, and shipping the whole package to Berlin cost 150 kr. And then the visa itself cost a whopping 3600 kr..
So now I'm broke.

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